Day 10 -- Goal Setting

Group 1 Samantha Wong 3S (30)
The weather of the today was sunny and just perfect for an outing, making our visit to the Kustermans Berry Farm a very pleasant experience. The farm is not only the place where berries grow, but also home to animals such as ponies, pigs, sheeps and more. Our visit began with berry-picking. The blueberries were fresh and large. They looked so juicy that we all couldn’t help packing our plastic boxes with berries.  We then headed to play on the swing, zip-line and even tried to ride on a pony! Riding on a pony was the most exciting activity, and also my favourite part of today. I had never ridden a pony before. I was a bit scared at first since I worried that the horse would lose its balance due to the weight and fell. However, it turned out to be a fun experience. I even took some pictures with the pony. All in all, we enjoyed visiting the farm a lot, and we couldn’t wait to taste our very first pack of self-picked blueberries!

Group 2 Cherian Leung 3L (22)
Today was definitely a blast for me. We went swimming in the morning and it was followed by a lesson on goal setting, which was very useful since we often neglect the most efficient way of working towards our goal.
I was beaming with joy when we arrived at the Kustermans Berry Farm. Berries were among my favourite fruits so I was more than fascinated to be able to pick my own berries. We also had so much fun playing on trampolines and riding zip lines. These activities brought back some fond memories of our childhood.
After the completion of our dream collage photo frame we had an activity, called pamper night during which we were allowed to put on nail polish and enjoy movies.
All in all, it was an amazing day and we truly treasure these wonderful memories and keep them in our hearts.

Group 3 Cynthia Chan 3T (2)
It was a day filled with joy and laughter. After lunch, we took the bus to the berry farm. Each of us held an empty plastic box, bent down and picked the blueberries from the bushes. We were bathed with the golden rays of sunlight, making our hearts flare with joy and excitement. “Try those berries!” the counsellors smiled. We tasted the berries, a mixture of sweetness and sourness filled our taste buds - but it’s delicious! We couldn’t wait to try another one. The box was filled quickly, and we were still immersed in the sweetness of berries.
After that we played in the playground. Swings swung high, laughters spread the whole farm. We ran around, taking photos and watching and petting the animals. Surrounded by the nature, we were like as we had been back to our childhood. It was delightful! Embracing the nature with friends is simply wonderful.

Group 4 Ellie Law 3T (22)
Today we had a lesson on goal setting after swimming. We learnt about the definition of a SMART Goal, the importance of a goal to successful leadership and the way to set a good goal. We were able to convert our vague and inefficient goals to goals which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART). Goal setting is the fundamental part of achieving success in our lives. We also learnt how to stay motivated and clear about our own paths leading to success.
In the afternoon, we went to the Kustermans Berry Farm. We had a chance to pick fresh and juicy blueberries from the farm by ourselves! Then we enjoyed ourselves riding the zipline, swinging, jumping on trampolines and riding a pony. All these brought back the sweet memories of our childhood. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed our visit fully.

Group 5 Jennifer Tsim 3P (30)
Time flies. It’s already the tenth day of our tour.
We had a lesson today on goal setting. We learnt that goals allow us to plan for the future and take active steps in achieving our dreams. We also understood that being a leader, it’s important to set goals as it allows team members to be responsible to each other and to keep each other motivated. After the lesson, we were able to reflect on goals setting and ensure that they are attainable and realistic.
Visiting the Kustermans Berry Farm was definitely the highlight of the day. I had been anticipating this outing for a long time already as in Hong Kong we rarely go to the remote berry farms in the New Territories. We used our thumbs to roll the berries from the stem to our palms. We learnt how to pick ripe blueberries today and got the chance to pick blueberries by ourselves in the berry farm. There were also animals, pedal carts, zip-line, etc. which made the outing even more fun. We brought away mouth-watering blueberries and unforgettable memories.
Group 6 Karen Lui 3P (19)
Today we learnt about goal setting, which is very important as it gives us motivation and direction in our work. We used the SMART analysis to set targets which need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Moreover, the making of a dream collage enabled me to put together things I want to achieve in the future.
In the afternoon, we hopped on the bus and went to Kustermans Berry Farm. We saw all the cute farm animals, like piglets, ostriches and lambs. After that, I experienced my first time picking blueberries. I was impressed by the hard work of the farmers, thus we should not waste any of our precious food.

Group 7 Janice Tang 3A(26)
We went to Kustermans Berry Farm today, spending half of our time picking blueberries. I had the experience of picking strawberries before but not blueberries so it was a refreshing experience for me. The berries tasted definitely fresh and we had much fun there given what the farm has to offer: zipline, trampoline, and swing. They did bring back my childhood memories. We also met a lot of animals, such as ducks and sheep. It was a rewarding day to us.

Group 8 Bernice Cheung 3A (5)
Today was yet another incredible day filled with loads of fun. For starters, we swam at Thompson Recreation Centre in the morning after breakfast. We formed teams and had a friendly relay match. It was definitely a great way to start off our day and left us feeling refreshed. After swimming, we had a lesson about setting SMART goals, meaning that our goals have to be specific, manageable, attainable, realistic and timely.
In the afternoon after a delicious lunch, we went to Kustermans Berry Farm to pick berries. I applied the knowledge learnt in the morning and set a SMART goal of picking a box of berries in 30 minutes, which I successfully accomplished. However, berry picking was not the only activity at the farm. We also went on zip lines, swings, jumped on Jumping Pillows and fed lovely goats, sheep and horses. Everyone had so much fun there. Upon arrival at Brescia, we completed our Dream Collage that we started yesterday.
To make our day even better, we had Pamper Night after a delectable dinner, during which we put on nail polish and watched movies together. It was definitely a great opportunity for us to become even closer and we all had beautiful nail polish at the end of the night. Today was a day like no other. The many photos we took will always remind us of this amazing day.



Day 1 -- Leadership

Group 1 Eva Cheung 3S(5) It was the first day of our Canada trip. We had a campus tour and a nature walk. We were fascinated by the vast area of land planted with all sorts of trees. We also spotted some wild rabbits. At night, we played different games with our counsellors and got the chance to play with sparklers which are so beautiful. After this eventful day, all of us know more about each other and get to know more about leadership.  We look forward to the upcoming events in these two weeks.
Group 2 Gigi Cheng 3S (2) With the complexity and symbolic meanings embedded in the carvings, totem poles are part of the Canadian culture worthy to be admired and treasured. Therefore, we were really excited that we could design our very own totem pole, with each of us choosing an animal that represents the qualities we possess. This helped us to discover our personalities and talents and gradually develop our leadership skills. Moreover, the counselors took us on a relaxing nature walk which d…

Day 2 -- Knowing Myself

Group 1 Sarah Chow 3S (7) It was a rather exhausting day to us after walking around the spacious Western University campus. We learnt from the counsellors that there is an array of clubs in the university. After the long walk, we went back to the Brescia campus and had a circuit session, in which we practised numerous types of moves. Such training does require much endurance and perseverance. At night, we watched an inspiring movie about the importance of willpower but not individual glory amidst difficulties and struggles. It is essential for us to follow our dreams despite the obstacles lying ahead.
Group 2 Alice Tam 3S (28) We started our second day in Canada with a lesson on personal leadership, which means leading ourselves inside out. Only if we understand our own personalities and potentials well can we understand the values of others and become caring and responsible leaders in life. Also, we had a leisurely stroll around the huge campus of the Western University. After the walk…

Day 5 -- Understanding Differences

Group 1 Samantha Wong 3S (30) Canada is a beautiful country with rich traditions and cultural heritage. Today, we went to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village. We experienced different activities such as feeding roosters, trying out the traditional way of printing, and processing wool into yarn. It was meaningful because we would not be able to have these experiences in Hong Kong. We were also very lucky and blessed with the fine weather during our visit We got on the bus just right before it started pouring heavily. There was a power suspension in the university as cables were damaged by fallen trees in the thunderstorm. We had to take cold showers. But this experience was unique! We understood that hot water supply is very precious and we should try our very best to conserve environment in order to ensure enough water supply for everyone on earth.
Group 2 Janice Wong 3L (31) On the fifth day in Canada, we started off our day with a swimming session. We played games and had lots of fun. We then…